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Living Room

Warm, Seductive, Relaxing

Enhance the Buzz in Your Living Space

Take pause and enjoy your living room in tranquillity and style with state-of-the-art furnishings that truly set the mood.

Concept M Rustique pays tribute to the essence of the living room with especially comfortable, soothing furniture. Explore our collection of furnishings that let you relax in style.

See something you like? Our furniture is designed to allow you to maintain harmony between each room in your home without compromising on aesthetics or function.


On the Edge

Often overlooked, the side table not only offers convenience, but it accents the modern interior décor of your living space. Pair these stunning side tables with other furnishings for your living room and bedroom to tie your space together and refine your interior aesthetics. Elegant with a side of edge, it's never been easier to harmonize your home.

Contemporary TV Cabinets

We've tuned into your needs and developed a premium-quality product designed for your living room, front and center. All our TV cabinet models are designed and manufactured with luxury-grade materials and offer a completely customized solution to your living room décor needs. Have an idea? Let's make it happen!

Mini Arbolus

Organic, raw, rustic—these are the characteristics of our Mini Arbolus. Crafted entirely of majestic, natural wood, this timeless piece emanates a sense of the great outdoors right in your home.

Mini Zéphir

The Mini Zéphir coffee table will elevate your living room with its unique design and contemporary, naturistic flair suited for any aesthetic.